Beginner’s Corner

Module 1 Introduction to Forex Trading
Unit 1 What is Trading?
Unit 2 The Advantages of Trading Forex?
Unit 3 Who Trades the Forex Market?
Unit 4 Secrets Of A Professional Trader
Unit 5 12 False Trading Myths You Need To Know
Module 2 The Financial Market
Unit 1 How Do Traders Analyse the Market?
Unit 2 The Relationship Between Human Behaviour and the Financial Market
Unit 3 What is Price Action?
Unit 4 Introduction to Trading Charts
Unit 5 Introduction to Technical Indicators
Module 3 Becoming a Trader
Unit 1 This is Business
Unit 2 Six Critical Elements of Trading/Investing
Unit 3 How to Become a Profitable Trader?
Unit 4 Why Is Trading Psychology Important?
Unit 5 How to Choose Your Trading Broker?
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