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Getting Started

How Much Money Should I start With?

The quick answer to this is USD $3,000 and this should be a good amount to start a small trading account.

However, if you have not traded before, I think you should seriously consider using a Demo account only. Don't trade on a live account until you are familiar with what you are doing.

As you progress in the course, you will also learn to trade size according to your personal financial circumstances.

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Why is building my own trading system important?

Most of the time, I find that people want more and they are never satisfied. While that is a good attitude to have, it can cause adverse effect on some traders because they end up jumping from one system to another. Instead of teaching another system, the Pro course will guide you to build your own.

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Why is Smart a pre-requisite to the Pro course?

The Pro course is a continuation of the Smart course. Essentially, you will learn how to trade a simple system in the Smart course but, in the Pro course you will learn how the system was designed and built so that you too can learn to build your own trading system.

See also I have traded in the past. Can I skip the Smart Apprentice course?

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Is it possible to make money quickly?

Yes, you can make as much money as quick as you want or as slowly as you want. However, the returns you make is strongly correlated to the risk that you can handle.

When you join the course, you will learn and understand the idea of Risk and Reward (in Smart Apprentice). Until then, many struggle to make money quickly.

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How long does it take to become a professional Trader?

I have met traders who turned pro in 6 months and I have met traders who are still struggling after 6 years.

The truth is, this is down to your attitude towards learning and making sure that you learn with the right approach. Here at Market Apprentice, I encourage traders to separate the Market, their Method and the Mind (see article) because learning becomes easier and clearer.

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I am very busy now, can I purchase the course later?

Yes you can purchase the courses later, I may increase the prices where relevant.

That's because I am constantly adding new material into the online hub. These are useful information that is suitable to your development and, where I feel relevant, I will also increase the prices to reflect on the content provided here.

With that, my advise to you is to take advantage of the prices now as you do get a life time access any way.

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I have traded in the past. Can I skip the Smart Apprentice course?

You are probably right that some of the smart contents will not be suitable for you and the pro course is really what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I made the Smart course a compulsory course because, if everyone starts the course claiming that they know enough, then they will not be consistency when they are at the pro level.
The idea of have the Smart course a pre-requisite because I want to keep your development consistent in what I believe is important and to avoid any confusion later on.
For example, I'm a pure chartist and I personally don't trade the news. In fact, I stay out during news release as there are too many market makers who are out there to disrupt the market flow. As it is, this is already an inconsistency in the way you and I trade.
When you have a good understanding of you Smart course, that's when you truly benefit from the Pro Course.

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What is the unique selling point of the Pro Apprentice?

I believe the area that you will really benefit from the Pro course is that you learn to create your own trading system.
It is trough learning how to build a system where you will truly learn how to differentiate between the Market and the Method (as explained here). This is where I push you out of your comfort zone and make you think on your feet. If you are able to think for yourself, you will start to view the market differently as well. This will most definitely push you one step further in terms of trading. New traders see a set up and they jump into it. When you can separate both the market and the method, trading becomes so much more relaxing and fun.
Also, you can trade any timeframe and system you want once you understand how to build your own system.

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