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Will I get Real Time tutorials?

You will get market set ups as part of your learning development. However, I do not provide real time tutorials as I do not intent to spoon feed any one. Market Apprentice is designed so that traders are allowed to make mistakes on your own and then hopefully you can learn from it.
Instead of spoon feeding you, I am here to help when necessary - because Apprenticeship means to get your experiences by getting your hands dirty. You will greatly benefit from a mentor (as opposed to spoon feeding) as I truly believe that you only need certain pointers and you are good to go explore again. I don't have to sit with you all the time or you will struggle to improve, right?
More importantly, you have life time access to the course, so you'll have a lot of time to learn - no rush, no pressure and no stress. Whenever you make mistakes, you know I am easily reachable when you need help.
This is also important (especially in the Pro course) because you need time to find your own trading and style. I cannot teach you a method and assume that is the best thing for you. Until you figure out what is good for you, nothing is ever good enough.
Hope that makes sense.

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What is the format of the Course material?

The course format is similar to the Beginner's Corner but you'll get a lot more videos. You will also get tasks that are embedded in the videos.

As I write this FAQ (June 2014), I have got about 40+ videos and I will be creating more as traders begin to ask questions. I always get new questions and I try to answer them separately to give a new perspective to the same answer. 

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