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How much money can I make in Trading?

The correct answer to this is – this is really up to you, it depends on what you want and what your risk appetite is.

Nonetheless, some of you might not have traded in the past or are completely new to trading, which means the answer above probably won’t mean much. With that, here are few case samples to illustrate my point.

Trader A – Builder

Trader A is a very builder and he spends most of his time working – sometimes he even work on weekends. However, he does keep a close watch of the market by spending about 2 hours each Sunday analysing the market. When he finds a potential setup, he would spend 5 minutes each day making sure that he places his order when he needs to.

Trader A makes a return of 10-20% each quarter.

Trader B – Lawyer

As a working professional, Trader B spends most of his time at work or at the court. However, he would set aside 20 minutes every morning analysing the market. When he gets a set up, he places an order. If not, he closes his chart and move on.

Trader B makes a return of 5-10% each month.

Trader C – Internet Marketer

As an internet marketer, Trader C has the flexibility to work at home and to trade when he wants to. However, Trader C is discipline and only spends about 5 minutes on the chart every 4 hours interval.

Trader B makes a return of 6-15% each month.

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How much time do I need to spend at the charts?

Personally, I only look at the charts every 4 hours. When I have a trade set up, I'll spend 5 minutes placing a trade. When I don't have a set up, it takes 20 seconds and I'm done.

The amount of time you spend is really down to your schedule. Of course, I definitely recommend that you should spend more time at the beginning so that you can get familiarised with the market. Also, the more time you invest in learning, the more you can accelerate your own learning. Once you know what to do, you can choose to change your schedule or routine where you see fit.

This is a life-time skill that you are learning, as long as you are constantly progressing, there is no rush to it.

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