FAQs / I have traded in the past. Can I skip the Smart Apprentice course?

You are probably right that some of the smart contents will not be suitable for you and the pro course is really what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I made the Smart course a compulsory course because, if everyone starts the course claiming that they know enough, then they will not be consistency when they are at the pro level.
The idea of have the Smart course a pre-requisite because I want to keep your development consistent in what I believe is important and to avoid any confusion later on.
For example, I'm a pure chartist and I personally don't trade the news. In fact, I stay out during news release as there are too many market makers who are out there to disrupt the market flow. As it is, this is already an inconsistency in the way you and I trade.
When you have a good understanding of you Smart course, that's when you truly benefit from the Pro Course.

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