RSI Divergence – Regular

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  1. Dear sir
    Can we use this on all timeframe

  2. Question From A Member:
    You mentioned that RSI settings for Stocks is 14& for currency is 6. What about COMMODITIES & INDICES( INDEXES)?

    I used to use RSI 6 for Gold. However, the truth about RSI (or other similar indicators) is that the best setting is based on what you are most familiar with.

    Meaning, after awhile, if you have been using RSI 6, the pattern from RSI 6 would give you the signal. RSI 14 would look slightly different and you won’t resonate with it. Just like the charts. if you are familiar with candle sticks, bar charts won’t resonate with you. The opposite is true if you are familiar with line charts.

    My advise is, test it out. RSI 6, if I’m not mistaken uses less historical data compared to RSI 14. just like how moving avg 200 uses a lot more than 50. So RSI 6 is a little faster and sharper but can go wrong. RSI14 is a bit gentle but more confirmation, but also slower.

    As you can see, this needs to fit in your own trading style.

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